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Brickhouse Creative, Inc., is a strategic design and brand management agency based out of offices on Main Street in the historic part of beautiful downtown Bozeman, Montana.

Quietly established in 2000, Brickhouse delivers a broad range of marketing/communications services to a limited group of long-term clientele, including brand strategy and management, ad and collateral design, web development, SEO and social networking, copywriting, photography, video, music, and just about anything that affects a client’s brand (which is pretty much everything).

We specialize in working with local and national-level clients who require creativity, agility, and assurance that their brand and related messaging is consistent across all marketing channels. Often called ‘the one throat to choke’ by our clients, we like being in this position, to ensure that consistency. Our core competency is in building brands that don’t just look good, but resonate powerfully with their core constituency.

And yet, while we’ve won numerous awards for design, packaging, websites, and photos/videos, at the end of the day it’s our relationships with our clients—and our long-term approach to business and community—that we value the most.

BRICKHOUSE CREATIVE is a strategic design and brand management agency based out of offices on Main Street in the historic part of beautiful downtown Bozeman, Montana. We take an intelligent, action-oriented approach to design and marketing grounded in cultivating long-term relationships. It’s a new perspective, with emphasis on clients' needs and priorities — because we don’t think you should have to wonder what you're getting out of your agency...


402 East Main Street Suite 6
Bozeman, Montana 59715
PH: 406-586-3871
FX: 406-585-3397


"Design without strategy is art. Art is great on your office wall but not if you need it to do work for you."  - Okay We Made This Up But Someone Should Have Said It

The Brickhouse Process begins with your brand.

How do we define “brand” in this context? In short, there are three key ingredients that come together to form every brand:

>VISUAL: this is the logo, colors, fonts, images, graphic elements, etc.

>VIBE: this is found in the messaging, tone, attitude, and then creeping back into visual with choice of imagery, video, etc.

>AFTERTASTE: this encompasses all the impressions one might be left with after experiencing a company’s product or service.

Whether we’re building a brand for your business from scratch, helping evolve or rebrand your company, or launching a campaign or initiative within an existing brand, there’s a process that we know works. Here’s a broad view of our process:

A. Situation & Competitive Analysis

Candid observations of your business as is stands today, the existing brand (if there is one), your unique attributes, and any disconnects. Also, assessment of the competition, their value propositions, and the overall competitive landscape.

B. Strategy & Distilling

Working from the first step in the process, this stage focuses on being sure we all have a shared understanding of the target audience (current and future), who they are, what they like, where they ‘live’ from a media perspective, their behavior, etc. And most importantly: is your brand resonating with that desired audience as soundly as it could be?

C. Messaging & Creative

Now with a better idea of who we are (or want to be), and who we want to reach, we can craft copy that hits all the right notes, and develop concepts and imagery that work in harmony with the messaging. Not only does this part of the process result in real-life tools that can actually be used to do some work for you, but they will, by default, go a long way in defining your brand going forward.

D. Launching & Measuring

This is when we press the proverbial ‘go’ button, but immediately we all as a team are ongoingly vigilant for ways to improve and enhance marketing and communication success over both the short and long term.

We want to be clear that input and feedback from you, the client, is critical throughout this process—it’s really more of a ‘team effort’ than just a Brickhouse effort. No one knows your brand better than you, we’re just here to help you see it more clearly, and then bring it to life so your customers and constituents can find you and engage with fervor.

At the end of the day, you’re going to think of Brickhouse as a scalable part of your team — really more like an extension of your business — that you can rely on to both help paint the big picture, and to plain old get things done.


One of our key mantras is to “do good work for people we like.” Life is too short to work with people with whom you don’t enjoy spending time. Whether big or small and whatever the product or service, it’s the more in-depth, more interconnected, longer-term sorts of client relationships that we find most fulfilling, personally and professionally.

And we do it all with clear communication and transparency, not confusing marketing-speak; a team attitude, not "we know you better than you;" no hidden markups or surprise invoices; plus efficiency, expertise, attentiveness, and passion — oh, and humor and likeability, too.

And while we’re on the subject of us…
   •  We never want to forget that we live in Montana for a reason, and things like work should never cloud our ability to appreciate its unique culture, beauty, and outdoor opportunities.
   •  We take on free or discounted work for a bunch of non-profits and community organizations, because if it’s a good thing for our world and we can help, why shouldn’t we figure out how to help them spread their message?

Our culture. Our reputation. Together these form the core of the Brickhouse brand.


We look forward to starting a conversation with you...

402 East Main Street Suite 6
Bozeman, Montana 59715
PH: 406-586-3871
FX: 406-585-3397




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