Adam Ormiston • Developer

Adam graduated from Montana State University, and has been working in the web industry for nearly 10 years. A native of Wyoming, he’s lived in Montana for over 15 years.

 He began his web career Earthtalk Studios in Bozeman, working projects for large regional clients such as Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Association. After Earthtalk, he worked at Thermal Creative, finally moving on to launch BitForge with Matt.

At BitForge, Adam has been an integral part of the development process for all of Brickhouse’s clients. Adam has strong project management skills, as well as full-stack web development and systems administration. An automation fanatic, he thinks that if he ever has to do anything twice, he should have written a script to automate it the first time. Brickhouse benefits from Adam’s knowledge of the digital world, as well as his background in finance and administration. 

As a resident of Churchill, he spends most of time chasing his kids around, or attempting to tame Mother Nature on various projects around his house. When possible, he’s also on wheels of some sort, generally cycling or mountain biking.

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