First West Insurance


Why can’t talking about insurance be exciting and fun? We say it can. First West Insurance

First West Insurance is a long-time, locally-owned independent insurance agency. They’ve been successfully matching folks to the best policies for them for decades. But what they were lacking was something that felt a little more dynamic than their current brand.

Brickhouse was tasked with coming up with a refreshed brand approach, and so of course we began with our proven process to help crystallize the new direction. What came out of those efforts was the idea that insurance’s best benefit is that having a solid plan in place help people focus on the good stuff in life, not the bad. So instead of life insurance, it’s “Long weekend insurance” or “Finally the boss insurance.”

The design to drive this concept needed to be fresh and colorful, so we introduced new fonts and a much broader color palette to brighten the vibe.

A new mobile-friendly website was launched, as well as online marketing and a variety of other branded marketing tools.

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